2007 - EINSTEIN (Wickham Style)

Our school is located in Cunningham, TN. It is a small community adjacent to Palmyra. It is impossible to be from this area and not have at one time or another been influenced by the great work of E.T. Wickham. He is truly a legend in folk art and our project this year was a dedication to him. During the 1950s and throughout the sixties, he built life-size statues of animals, relatives, religious figures, prominent Tennesseans and  other famous Americans.  He was a self-taught artist who made them out of concrete using pipes and wire as reinforcement.  He used stove pipes as molds for making the pillars to the monuments.  He inscribed captions at the base of his monuments.  Most of the statues were placed in a row in clear view of people passing by on Buck Smith road. Countless people saw these statues and were awed by them.  To honor him we constructed an Einstein statue in Wickham style under the direction of our amazing art teacher Mike Andrews.  For more on the work of E.T. Wickham you really must visit this link. Your really missing out if you do not. Ours plans are to construct Newton next year so they can discuss gravity forever on the E=MC2 playground.

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