The Quasar Variability Study:

QVS NSC Campaign#1 Focus Is:

ŇA Search for Blinking Black Holes!"

This initial QVS Campaign involves an international collaboration of scientists led by Primary Investigator, Dr. Hayley Bignall, who is utilizing the NanŤay Radio Telescope (NRT), in NanŤay,  France. Our Co-Primary Investigators, Dr. David Jauncey from CSRIO in Australia and Dr. Michael Klein from NASA/JPL, will supervise the GAVRT students collecting data on the DSS-12 antenna.


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We have an exciting new opportunity to share with you. We are part of a brand new campaign focusing on the study ofquasars.  This initial campaignis entitled QVS-The Northern Spring Campaign: ŇA Search for Blinking Black Holes!Ó.

We are conducting a study of six variable quasars under the direction of renowned Australian scientist, Dr. David Jauncey, and in coordination with Dr. Hayley  Bignall, who is our Primary Investigator with the NanŤay Radio Telescope (NRT), in NanŤay, France. This is the initial campaign in a continuing series of studies focusing on quasars and encompassing a number of wavelengths and collaborations. This new campaign will begin on February 23rd and run through April 9th. The purpose of this campaign is to investigate refractive interstellar scintillation timescales of these sources, which have all been observed to exhibit large intra-day variations.

GAVRT can provide extremely valuable data at both x and s-band frequencies, which fall in-between the microwave frequencies that will be observed at the NRT in France.



























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