We have a long time goal of creating a science and technology walk of fame for the elementary, middle, and high school students at Montgomery Central. The VICA-E=MC2 Sundial was the beginning of this walkway. Last year students added Stonehenge Phase 1 to the list. The students of Technical Algebra, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Art, and Building Trades carried out the plans and construction. These activities enable the building trades, art, and math classes to meet their competencies and standards. It also allows E=MC2 to collaborate with VICA and the Art Department which has been fruitful for us and the students that are in these programs. The seniors select the project that will integrate curricula and make connections with younger students providing a transitional activity as we invite them to tour the finished project. The public will also become more aware of tech prep programs because members of the community will view the finished project when they attend baseball games at the adjoining ballpark. In addition it will assist in the student attainment of challenging State-established academic, vocational, and technical skill proficiencies. Special thanks go to The Tech Prep Consortium, Bob Wright, Frances Richardson, & Nashville State Community College. Without their help none of this would be possible. Contact us for details concerning visits or Tech Prep Consortium.

Project of 2003 - Sundial

Project of 2004 - Stonehenge

Project of 2005 - The Great Pyramid

Project of 2006 - The Obelisk

Project of 2007 - Einstein "Wickham Style"

Project of 2008-09 St. Jude's Math-A-Thon

Project of 2013 - A New Beginning

Project of 2015 - The Hill

Project of 2016 - Forever Young

Sierpinski Triangle I

Sierpinski Triangle II

Boats and Balloons

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars

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