St. Jude’s Mathathon @ MCHS

The E=MC2 gang at MCHS hosted its first school wide Mathathon this year. E=MC2 was able to raise over $1400 for St. Jude’s Children Hospital. All members had a good time, raised money for a good cause, and improved their math skills. A very special thanks goes out to all who contributed and all who participated.


1st Period Mathletes


2nd  Period Mathletes


3rd  Period Mathletes


5th  Period Mathletes


7:00 AM


Pre Cal Power In Action!


AP Warriors Workin’ The Math A Thon


Kasper Dominates Mathmatics!


1:00 And The TI’s Are Still Smoking!


Chris “Purple” Hayes In The Math Zone


Math A Thon Teamwork!


Math A Thon Teamwork!


AP Completes Round 3


AP Finally Gives Out


Riemann, P vs. NP, Now That’s The Questions!

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