Office Procedures

Telephone Calls

Telephone use is discouraged. The receptionist will use discretion for telephone use.

Students are not available to answer telephone calls. In the event of an emergency, the receptionist will notify the grade level assistant principal as the first line of contact and any available administrator in the event the level assistant is unavailable. The administrator will verify the nature of the emergency with parent/guardian and respond to the telephone call. The receptionist is to record name of caller, telephone number and messages.

No student information is to be provided by telephone. The receptionist will forward requests to the grade appropriate administrator or guidance counselor.

No telephone dismissals are allowed due to our inability to identify the caller (parent/guardian).

Delivering messages to students is discouraged. Messages cannot be delivered prior to Eagle Ed (after 3rd ) or   6th period because of the limited resources available for delivery.

Teachers are not available to answer telephone calls. All telephone calls are to be sent directly to the teacher's voicemail during school hours. In the event of an emergency, the receptionist will notify an assistant principal who will verify the nature of the emergency and respond to the telephone call. The receptionist is to record name of caller, telephone number and messages.

Office Protocol

Students are discouraged from loitering in the office. No students are to be sent to the office for discipline referrals or illness. Discipline referrals are to remain in class and an administrator or SRO is to be called to have the student removed. Ill students are to be referred to the nurse's office and remain in the nurse's office until a parent/guardian or a person listed on his/her emergency form arrives.


No visitors are allowed in the building without the express permission of an administrator. Visitors other than those reporting to guidance are to remain in the office until an administrator verifies his presence in the building. Exceptions: DCS Workers, (Check for appropriate identification), Police Department Personnel (Contact NEHS SRO or administrator), Central Office Personnel.


Visitors seeking to confer with an administrator are to:

 Sign-in at the main office

 Complete a form stating the nature of the conference

 Informed of an appropriate time to meet with the administrator based on the administrator's schedule (15 minute appointment time)

 The receptionist is to inform the administrator of the appointment by telephone, radio or in writing if the appointment is not scheduled for the same day.

The SRO is to be immediately summoned if a visitor becomes excessively loud, verbally abusive, disruptive or violent. Visitors will be identified by a visitor's badge. Individuals who are not identified with a badge are to be referred to the main office.

Students who wish to see an administrator may complete an Administrative Appointment form obtained from a classroom teacher or the main office. The administrator will confer with the student at his/her earliest convenience. Concerns deemed emergencies will be addressed expeditiously.

Food, Drink or Tobacco Products

No food, drink or tobacco products are to be brought into or consumed within the office areas, hallways or classrooms. No food or drink is to be accepted or delivered at any time to students.


Students are discouraged from having items delivered to school. Students receiving deliveries will be notified of the delivery at the end of 6th period.

Early Dismissal

Students are assigned a full day schedule unless he/she is enrolled in a work-based program.

Students who must leave school prior to the regularly scheduled dismissal time must obtain written permission from his/her grade administrator prior to leaving if no dismissal note is provided by 7:30 AM.

Students with a dismissal note are to observe the following procedure when leaving school before the end of day.

  Present a signed note from parent/guardian to the receptionist in the main office prior to first period. The note should contain the student's name, grade , parent/guardian's home or work telephone, time of dismissal and date.

  The student should sign out in the main office at the dismissal time.

  If no dismissal note is provided, the person dismissing the student must enter the building, provide appropriate identification allowing the receptionist to verify he/she is on the student's emergency information form before the student is released.

If a student returns to school prior to regular dismissal time he/should report to the main office and sign in before reporting to class. The student should present an admission form to the teacher upon entering each class.

Telephone dismissals are discouraged due to our inability to identify the person requesting the dismissal.

Medication & Illness

No prescription or nonprescription medications (aspirin, cold medicines...) are to be administered by school personnel.

All prescription medication must be brought to school by a responsible adult in a labeled container and given to the school nurse to be administered.


Office telephones are available for emergency use only.

Cell phones may not be used during school hours. Cell phones that are visible or ring during the regular school day will be collected and returned to a parent or guardian.


Fire Drills

All students and school personnel are required to leave the building quietly, promptly, and in an orderly manner by the prescribed route at designated signal. Students are to move away from the building and re-enter only after being directed by a signal from the main office.

Tornado Drills

Tornado drills are state mandated. When the signal is given, students are to move quietly to the assigned area in the building and assume the proper position. Students are to remain quiet and in the protective position until a signal is given that the drill is complete.