RHS Students Participate in JROTC Nationals


2 JROTC color guards (male and female), as well as the JROTC Band, headed to Daytona Beach on Wednesday, April 27 to participate in the annual National High School Drill Competition. The JROTC Band performed at the Challenge Level Awards Ceremony, and received rave reviews, as they did last year. The following students are members of the JROTC Band: Keeton Barron, Christina Burke, Erica Cope, Caitlin Cutler, Leanna Davis, James Glass, Matt Goins, Allison Griffin, Ashleigh Hankins, Andrew Kail, Donica Kerr, Jacob Kerr, Briana Larsen, Ben Lehman, Kyle Lockhart, Evan Moore, Joey Moran, Alex Morrow, John Moser, Rachel Peters, Callie Riggins, Diane Roberts, Bernadette Ruby, Glenna Shelton, and Paul Wilson (Drum Major).

Members of the color guards included: Ryan Davidson, Ryan Garnes, Alex Haskins, Zach Lesser, and Jeffrey Weber. Female color guard included: Michelle Cox, Brandice Truitt, Megan Barnett, Lachelle Taylor, and Tamsyn Barkovics. The teams finished 12th and 8th respectively, out of 35 schools.

The teams and band enjoyed a 15-hour bus ride to Daytona, and had some free time to hit the beach and pool. Thanks to JROTC Band Director Tom Tapscott and Mrs. Cutler for sharing their pictures:

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