RHS Library Sponsors Amazing Reading Race


The library staff and RTV crew will be running RHS's first "reality show" from February 15 to March 17. The contest will feature 10 teams of 2 members (see below) completing reading and research tasks to win prizes sponsored by the Great Ideas Grant (funded through the Education Foundation). Race days are Tuesdays and Thursdays, during advisory. One team will win a daily leg prize, and the last team to complete the task for each leg will be eliminated. RTV crews will be taping and airing each segment of the race, to air the following day. Here are the teams:

Team 1: Lanetta and Roslynn

Team 2: Krista and Adam

Team 3: Kerry and Harley

Team 4: Brittany and Natasha

Team 5: Ashley and Kyrie

Team 6: Maggie and Josh

Team 7: Michah and Zach

Team 8: John and Brian

Team 9: Laura and Julia

Team 10: Sebastian and Jessica

Prizes contestants will play for include:

Leg 1 - Skittles

Leg 2 - Great Escape Tickets

Leg 3 - Walmart gift card

Leg 4 - Target gift card

Leg 5 - Governor's Square Mall gift certificates

Leg 6 - Pinnacle gift card

Leg 7 - Borders gift card

Leg 8 - Rafferty's gift card

Leg 9 - Chili's gift card

Leg 10 (Grand prizes) - DVD/VHS combination players

Good luck to all of our contestants!

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