RHS Competitions Abound on Saturday


The RHS campus was a hive of activity on Saturday, with a track meet, JROTC raider meet, and Project Curb Appeal all going on concurrently!

Over 20 students participated in the beautification project, which was managed by Master Gardener Barbara Plechaty, with Doris Evans assisting. Students battled the weeds in the front of the building and then laid over 6 inches of mulch on the landscaping. Weed-battlers were: Juwairiya Waheed, Elise Prentice, Sara Saldana, Alaina Gould, Scott Cochran, Rebecca Dean, Erica Copeland, Julie Baer, Lauren Hester, Ashley Stiles, Brittnay Hacker, Maggie Smith, Jacob Kerr, Bobbie Csicak, Justin McGraw, Alicia Stiles, Kendra Warren, Melissa Peters, Courtney Barnes, Brian Curtis, and Richard Knapek.

The Raider meet involved all CMCSS schools except Montgomery Central, plus Harrison High School from Evansville, IN. JROTC cadets were responsible for running and scoring all events, including an obstacle course.

Speaking of competition, did we mention that the boys soccer team BEAT the CHS Wildcats in their match on Saturday evening, 1-0??? Congratulations Hawks on a wonderful win!

Following are photos of the day:


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