Faculty Senior Awards Announced


Several seniors were recently recognized for their outstanding contributions to RHS.

The Outstanding Senior Students, who had to maintain at least a 3.4 GPA, are Maggie Smith and Andy Roads.


The Best Citizen Award, presented to an outstanding senior male and female on the basis of good character, unselfish service to the school and community, and good character, went to Ginger Tucker and Daniel Vaden.

The Danforth Foundation "I Dare You" Awards are presented to a male and female member of the senior class who have exhibited leadership qualities, a commitment to discovering and developing their personal best, lead a balanced life and make a positive difference in their community and school. The recipients this year are Charelle Coates and Steven Czak.

The Outstanding School Leadership Awards are presented this year to Kacie Boguskie and Jonathan Thomason, on the basis of their exceptional performances as leaders in sports, student government, student publications or community involvement.

The DAR Outstanding Leadership Award recipient is Lauren Witzler.

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