FCCLA Members Shine at Star Event


Rossview FCCLA Members competing in District Star Events yesterday received the following recognition:


Tamara Teeter and Elinor McCutchen: Applied Technology...2 Star...1st Place

Erica Harris: Creed 3 Star...2nd Place

Maggie Smith and Albert Vaughn: Chapter Showcase 2 Star...1st Place

Jasmin Williams: Job Interview 3 Star ...1st Place

Ashley Grainger: Illustrated Talk 2 Star 1st Place

SaNealdra Wiggins, Alisha Golden, Nicole Kleeberg:

Focus on Children 2 Star 2nd Place

Megan Meadows: Entrepreneurship 3 Star 1st Place

Quiana Elliott: Interpersonal Communication 3 Star 1st Place

Kacie Boguskie, as State President, presided over the event. Mrs. Sandra Gregory and Mrs. Cathy Davidson sponsor the FCCLA.

District FCCLA Culinary winners:

David Moran, Chung Chow, & Devin Roberts

They will all advance to State competition at Opryland Hotel on April 11th.



Page created by Ellen Taylor: text and photos by Sandra Gregory