RHS Celebrates 4th Homecoming


Friday night culminated a week-long festivity of homecoming activites, with the pre-game presentation of club sweethearts and a half-time presentation of the royal homecoming court of 2004. Ginger Tucker was selected as the 2004 Homecoming Queen, and was crowned by Anii Burns, 2003 Homecoming Queen and Diana Wooten, 2002 Homecoming Queen. The Hawks fell to 0-6 with a loss to Maplewood (34-7). The evening ended with the Homecoming Dance. A big thanks goes to Mrs. Carolyn Ferrell and Ms. Nancy Childers for sponsoring the week's events! Following are photos of the event:

A light was placed in the Hawkobterfest display in memory of Joey Ansberry, Class of 2004. His father, mother and sister are pictured.

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