Alyse Gillman Crowned Miss RHS 2005


Ten "ladies of Rossview High" competed Saturday evening for the title of Miss RHS 2005: Lindsey Augustine, Dani Collins, Rachelle Alexander, Krizia Gonzales, Brittany Klomfas, Amanda Waynick, Stephany Morkovin, Lauren Witzler, Alaina Gould, and Alyse Gillman. The girls competed in casual wear competition, talent competition, and evening wear. The five finalists answered interview questions from a hat onstage. The entertainment was organized by Master and Mistress of Ceremonies Albert Vaughn and Molly Ellis: guitar students Sean Conley, Tim Hiehle, and Ivan Ayala played songs between acts; and Ginger Tucker offered a solo at the end of the program. Miss RHS 2004, Kacie Boguskie, crowned Alyse . Miss Congeniality was awarded to Rachelle Alexander; second runner-up Dani Collins, and first runner-up Alaina Gould. Following are photos of the event:

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