RHS Students Attend National Convention


This summer 18 Rossview High students attended the 51st Latin Nationals. Before they arrived at the convention at University of Richmond, they toured the University of Virginia campus and Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's home. At convention many Rossview students placed in the top five in contests, receiving a ribbon and certificate, and in the top 10 receiving a certificate. The group is sponsored by Latin teacher, Dr. Kaye Warren. Following is a list of top award winners:

Julie Baer - 5th in Academics Classical Art II

Michael Bergen - 2nd in Academics Latin Literature and Roman Life; 3rd in Heptahlon; 4th in Ancient Geography; 6th in Latin Derivatives; 7th in Greek Derivatives, Greek Life and Literature and Roman History; 8th in Classical Art II, Grammar Level II, Hellenic History II; Mottoes and Quotations II, and Mythology II; 9th in Latin Vocabulary; 10th in Creative Arts Modern Myth- Middle Division.

Scott Cochran - 2nd in Academics Classical Art III; 3rd in Roman Life III; 6th in Reading Comprehension Adv. PoetryII; and 9th in Greek Life and Literature.

Brian Curtis - 9th in Academics Roman Life II

Brian Daniel - 3rd in Graphic Arts Pencil; 1st in Olympika Long Jump Boys Track; 6th in Discus Jr. Boys and 7th in Shot Put Jr. Boys.

Tara Daniel - 4th in Academic Mottoes and Quotations; 5th in Latin Derivatives; 7th in Latin Vocabulary; 10th in Latin Literature; 2nd in Creative Arts Essay - 12th grade girls; 4th in Graphic Arts Pencil: Black; and 5th in Watercolor 11-12.

Greyson Daugherty - 8th in Academics Latin Derivatives; 9th in Creative Arts Essay - 11th grade boys.

Stephen Diorio - 6th in Academics Roman History III; 9th in Ancient Geography.

Adam Hicks - 9th in Academics Roman History I.

Andy Roads - 5th in Olympika Discus Sr. Boys and 5th in Shot Put Sr. Boys.

Jonathan Thomason - 2nd in Academics Classical Art II; 3rd in Olympika Discus; 4th in Shot Put Sr. Boys.

Ryan Vincent - 2nd in Academics Ancient Geography; 5th in Latin Derivatives I;10th in Greek Derivatives I and Latin Vocabulary I.

Following are photos of the various events:

Page created by Ellen Taylor; photos by Dr. Kaye Warren