Emma Schwankhart Spanish Instructor, Freshman Focus Teacher
Spanish I & II Freshman Focus Home Powerschool
 She taught for a year and a half in the Clarksville Montgomery School District and this is her first year at Rossview. The thing Ms. Schwankhart enjoys the most about teaching is sharing her passion for the Spanish language and culture. In her spare time she loves to travel, speak spanish, and workout.
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 Welcome to Emma Schwankhart's website. She has lived in Clarksville nearly her entire life and graduated from Rossview High School in 2011. She taught for 2 years at Greenbrier High School and is thrilled to be a Hawk again. In 2016, Ms. Schwankhart graduated from Austin Peay University with a Bachelors Degree in Spanish and International Studies. She is currently pursuing a Masters of the Arts in Teaching at Austin Peay. Ms. Schwankhart teaches Spanish I, Spanish II, and Freshman Focus. Spanish
A language of the future
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