Sponsor: Jamie Glenn and Mary Britten

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Captain: Carlye Coppins

Secretary: N/A

Treasurer: Carlye Coppins

Historian: N/A

Zaxby's a Proud Sponsor of

Rossview High Step Team

Stepping is a traditional origin of African groups and communities who produced sounds with their body and speech to create music. Once it hit America sororities and fraternities were created in the 1900's who further enhanced and evolved what stepping was introduced to be. Now it is common for fraternities and sororities to perform on college campuses, events, and competitions around the community or around the world. Groups such as: Churches, cheerleaders, and military groups involve step related practices. Stepping is part of a long stretched out history which has evolved and made its name for itself across the world, in respect for these organizations we are proud to have our very own step team for the school and one day work our way up into professional steppers.











Shanti Northington




Emmanuel Lopez



Carlyle Coppins

Kyelia Maxwell

Christian Rieke



Adrian Martinez

Jada Pryor

Larry Shaw

National Step Day Challenge 2016

Go visit the W.A.R. Hawks Step Team on their YouTube channel!

Designed by: Adrian Martinez