Rossview Model United Nations is a study of foreign affairs, international relations, and world diplomacy. RMUN team members engage in the practice of statecraft by simulating the U.N. Security Council and General Assembly.


Referred to as delegates, participants explore the dynamics of geopolitics by assuming the roles of U.N. representatives. As their country’s spokesperson, delegates are presented with discussion topics and placed on committees where they conduct research, draft resolutions, and formulate positions that identify possible solutions while preserving the actual policy stance of the country they represent. Competing global agendas are reconciled by creating consensus through diplomatic negotiations on which a coalition of members can agree.


Much like the real U.N., national interests are mitigated by humanitarian crises and threats to global security. Real-world solutions to complex matters such as human rights, international peacekeeping, and sustainable economic development require incisive analysis and strategic acumen.

As an extracurricular activity, RMUN provides opportunities to develop academic and communication skills as well as team leadership. Resolved to inspire civic virtue as members of the global community, RMUN promotes an open forum for constructive dialogue on world affairs while engaging in a fun, active, and collaborative learning environment that is true to the spirit of the body it aims to emulate.


Sophia Diago 2017-18